About KelliSmith

Hi world!!

My name is KelliSmith, I am a full time published model from Birmingham, now based in Derbyshire.Throughout my modelling career I have worked with many great models,photographers, studios and MUA’s. I have met so many great people along my journey and I am not ready to stop yet.

After taking 4 months out I am back bigger than ever!!

I have always given 110% in anything I do and feel this is the reason why I have progressed and succeeded throughout my journey in the modelling world. I have been published a number of times, from nuts, zoo, fastcar, the Sport and many more. I find myself to be  very hard working and very serious about achieving the best I can out of any shoot I am assigned to, but at the same time can always have fun!

I am able to do my own hair and make-up to a very good standard and happy to sign any model releases.

If you do wish to contact me regarding bookings ect, please do so at official-kellismith@hotmail.com

Twitter: @KelliSmithModel


Thank You for looking at this blog
KelliSmith x

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